Notes DrumsIs it your first time learning an instrument or are you looking for a more efficient way to learn?

Are you getting annoyed with your level of ability on your instrument and want to improve?

Do you want to receive tuition from musicians who can delivery tried and tested results?

At Time Four Music Academy we can help you achieve answers to these questions and guide you on your musical journey so you can achieve your goals on your chosen instrument!

It can be quite discouraging and a lot of time can be wasted learning an instrument on your own. Our tutors have over 25 years experience in the industry and with their depth of experience can ensure that you will achieve the results you are looking for in the quickest possible way. No two students are the same which is why we take the time to tailor each class to the individual’s goals, with fun and professionalism being at the core of every lesson. When you enroll with Time Four Music Academy you gain access to masterclasses and exclusive online material to ensure that no matter where you are, you can continue learning!

When you enrol as a student with Time Four Music Academy, you will receive:

* lessons at our facilities in Colour Sound Studios

* a dedicated lesson plan for you

* access to exclusive masterclasses

* free sticks and practice pad

* recordings so you can track your progress